New Work: Paul McCartney's "Fuh You"

Around Mother’s Day of 2017, Ryan Tedder reached out to see if I would be interested in arranging strings for a new Paul McCartney song and I leaped at the chance. The time frame on the project was extremely short and the track was still very much in development. I ended up having less than 24 hours to figure out what felt right on snippets of music sent my way. We tracked the arrangement and a host of other stems that I sent back to Ryan so that he would have the flexibility to build out the arrangement in the way he wanted. Over a year later, I finally heard what was used. I’m proud to have worked with a Beatle and a phenomenal producer on such a musically fun song. I always love when moments in songs are built around strings and the bridge of the track is a great example. You can hear the track on Spotify or iTunes I’ve included links to live performances at Abbey Road and Grand Central Station.