The Majestic Ones

A songwriting duo featuring Josh Varnadore and Brandon Michael Collins. Varnadore met Collins at a writing session where they both expressed creative exhaustion.  Deciding to depart from the day’s plan, the two chose instead to follow their instincts and chase whatever path felt the most emotionally honest. The combination of Varnadore’s years of experience as an artist with an imprint of Capitol Records and Collins’ expertise in arranging (U2, OneRepublic, Travis Ryan) formed something uniquely beautiful and opened the door to the distinctly human and cinematically emotional sonic landscape that is The Majestic Ones. 

Leaf Rogers LBF.jpeg

Leaf Rogers

Capturing the nostalgia of times past, Leaf Rogers is a fictional singer/songwriter created by Josh Varnadore and Brandon Michael Collins (of The Majestic Ones).  His quirky, indie music channels that of Roger Miller, Don Gibson, and Randy Newman. With the debut EP, Let's Be Friends, Leaf Rogers takes you on a light-hearted, feel-good musical journey that will leave a smile on your face.


The Atlas

The Atlas is a musical partnership between Brandon Michael Collins and keys player Grant Pittman (Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, Kari Jobe) that creates ambient music for the purpose of prayer and meditation.